Let go off who you think you need to be in order to be loved . Because the truth is you have to allow yourself to be loved . You have to put down your weapons and take off the armor and allow yourself to be seen . You want big ,brave,real love ? Get messy . Walk into the fire .

Expose yourself to the wear and tear that comes from loving someone wholeheartedly and being love right back. You are real. And there is nothing more magnetic than someone who is comfortable in they own skin ,however scarred that skin may be . Your people will find you if you let them .if you allowed yourself to receive them ,exactly as you are if you let them in . Hey ,hello wake up my friend Me remember who you were ! Trust ,when you start to relax into your power ,when you plug in ,you are going to attract who get it who love you ,every messy inch . And also be prepared to turn some people off . Your acceptance of yourself will make them question their own limiting beliefs ,and they might not be ready to let that shit go just yet . This is not your problem this is not your burden to bear . So GIVE YOURSELF A LITTLE GRACE MY FRIEND ME ! Allow yourself to become. Don’t shy away from people ,places and opportunities that push you to face your fear of discomfort and vulnerability. Don’t be scared back into a small life.


#lifelover #lovelover


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